Our engineers are able to provide solutions as required for small, medium and large size business.  Appropriate solutions are becoming exponentially more difficult to create due to increasing complexity in assurance, design teams, time, cost and regulatory requirements.  OMDG Ltd can take the pressure off your company whilst you focus on delivering a quality project for your clients.  We can provide for you a no obligation quote, provided we have an overview of the scope of your project.  We provide in house design to support our clients.  This is produced based on understanding their requirements to fulfil their contractual obligations.  We provide engineering assurances for design produced for our clients.  This is provided by our experienced team of engineers that provide quality and reliable services to our clients.

We provide complete assurance for the following to save your company time, money and meeting all the deliverables on programme:

  • Method Statement
  • Full compliant multidiscipline final design
  • Temporary work
  • Health and Safety documentation
  • Construction programme
  • Survey and Report

To avoid lengthy in house resources to deliver the above, as this will take longer and impact programme and budget. We will provide quicker and more cost effective turnaround time to manage any unforeseen design changes onsite.

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